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Welcome to Masayuki Tsunematsu (drummer and composer from Sapporo, Japan) 

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Masayuki Tsunematsu digital music

AGEHACHO featuring Yumeno Aki

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Masayuki Tsunematsu North Laboratory album

Japanese Song Collection

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Masayuki Tsunematsu 

Drummer / Composer / Arranger / Educater 


Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. 

In 2005 studied at Musicians Institute - PIT of Los Angeles. (Graduation and returning home in 2006) 

In 2007, activities started as a drummer, percussionist based in Sapporo. 

He is working at a music school / classroom as instructor from he was 21 years old.

In 2018, Actress and singer Yumeno Aki(ex-Shiki Theatre Company) was featured single "AGEHACHO" is released with digital distribution.

And, "Masayuki Tsunematsu North Laboratory" released album "Japanese Song Collection".


Currently, He is active in "North Laboratory" that try to fusion Japanese traditional music and Western music.

And, he also is active in "Masayuki Tsunematsu Trio" that arrange Japanese traditional music to jazz.


In addition, these activities are also introduced in media such as "The Walker's" main interview.